Little T’s basketball season came to an end.

What have we learned this season? Well, for one thing, Little T is quite the entertainer. Not in the way that you might expect for a basketball team, but in a “oh wow, he just turned into a robot in the middle of an intense game” kind of way.

Boss move, Little T. Trying to distract the other team like that.

What have we learned this season? For one thing, Big T is a nervous wreck when he watches Little T play sports. Just wait until they actually start keeping score, Big T! :p We’ve also learned that our community is great, and so incredibly supportive. I’ll never forget the time Little T dribbled and attempted a basket for the first time. You would have thought he’d made a winning goal, with how much they cheered for him. πŸ™‚ Weve also learned that Little T’s best moves come out on the basketball court-heehee.

Little T was sweet when he got his trophy, he really wanted to give a trophy to his coach, who had to be the most patient person I’ve ever met. He did deserve a trophy!

Great season, Little T! Your robot moves are legendary. πŸ™‚