Wedding season is wrapping up over here, which means I have a few months where life returns to normal, I see my family and friends again (you all remember me, right?), and spend some quality time with the two guys in my life. ❤️When I wrapped up a few huge projects last week, on Saturday morning-I decided to celebrate by having a fancy date with Little T. Big T helped Little T get all dressed up, and Little T was super excited when it came time for the big reveal.  😂

I know, we’re the dorkiest. :p

We went to dinner theater at the Candlelight Pavilion to see Guys and Dolls together because he loves watching musicals. I didn’t know how he’d do, so we sat in the back by the door just in case it was too long for Little T and we needed to make a quick exit, but he absolutely loved it. He was so quiet, that at one point the ladies sitting at our table thought we left, because they couldn’t believe how quiet he was for the whole show.

The thing he loved the most though, was lunch.

The Candlelight Pavilion is beautiful, and his eyes grew wide when we walked in the doors. He was fascinated with how pretty the butter looked in the butter tray, and he loved that they gave him juice in a goblet. It made a big impression on him, and he’s mentioned the butter and the cups a few times since then. I had to laugh, because the server listed off the drinks and Little T confidently said that he wanted the champagne. It must have sounded the fanciest to him, sweet little guy. When he couldn’t have champagne, he ordered the next fanciest sounding thing-cranberry juice. 😉 they made us both a great vegan meal (baked potato, black beans, veggies, and they even added a side of rice for Little T. It was a great way to spend the day. 🙂