Our last two days at Disneyworld were hard ones, because we knew the trip was coming to a close.

We started out Day 5 at Epcot on Test Track, one of Little T’s favorites. Obviously, the bigger the car, the better. 😉


Afterward, we explored the World Showcase. We had delicious couscous in Morocco, and found some nice treats in Paris. We couldn’t pull Little T away from the train in….wherever that place was, I kind of can’t remember now. :p




After exploring, we took Little T back for a nap, then dropped him off at Simba’s Kids Club so we could have a date night. I’m not going to lie, we felt really guilty, so we called thirty minutes after we left. He was having too much fun to say hi on the phone, which was a huge relief, and we felt like we could really enjoy our date after that call. We went back to Paris at Epcot, and I had wine while Big T had chocolate croissants and crepes.



When we got back to the kids club, Little T introduces us to all of his new friends. He talked about a little boy named Devin for the rest of the trip, so I think he really did have a great time.

More Epcot photos:




The next day, we went to the Magic Kingdom. We took a boat from the Polynesian, which Little T liked a lot.


We did all the rides we hadn’t gone on yet. We started out with Belle’s Enchanted Tales, then went on the Stitch show, and did a few others befor going on Thunder, Splash, and Pirates again. We ended the day with a vegan root beer float on Main Street.


After Little T’s nap, we has dinner at Sanaa, then let him play in the arcade. It was raining too hard for the pool, which he was pretty sad about. We promised we’d take him to the pool the next morning.


I forgot to mention it, but I did have a moment to sneak over to the wedding pavilion. 🙂


On our last day, we played at the playground and the pool until it was time to go home.




Little T had a bit of a meltdown when it was time to go. I kind of can’t blame him. 😉


The trip home was hard, but we kept telling Little T that we’ll be back someday. We made a memory book for him to remember everything he did, and told him he’d definitely earned a basketball hoop for when we got home. (We told him we’d get a big boy basketball hoop for the yard when he is potty trained, woohoo)! So that’s it! Now were back at the house. As much as I miss it, it is nice to be home. 🙂