It would have been impossible not to compare, right?

Pirates of the Carribbean:  Disneyland~we thought Disneyland was longer, better themed, and more charming.

Thunder Mountain: Disney World~maybe because it was a new experience?

Splash Mountain: Disney World~we thought the animation was a little better and we liked the seating.

Haunted Mansion: We liked the Disneyland attraction, but we preferred the Disney World queue.

Peter Pan: Disney World~the animation was nicer.

Space Mountain~Disneyland~we missed the music and the atmosphere of Space in California.

Tower of Terror: Disney World~there was more to the attraction than California Adventure.

Rapids at Animal Kingdom: Disneyland, or California Adventure~this really was no comparison. The attraction at Animal Kingdom was so short!

Midway Mania: Toss up!

Disney World Vs: Disneyland

We loved them both, but we have to say Disneyland. We liked that it was all in one place and that you were immersed in Disney from the moment you walked in the door. At Disney World, it was so spread apart that you could always tell you were in Florida, which broke the show a bit for me.

Favorite Parks at Disney World: 

Momma J: World of Harry Potter, then Animal Kingdom

Big T: Animal Kingdom and Epcot

Little T: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios