I have to admit, we were all pretty tired after our first two days, so we moved a lot slower on day 3. We started out by going to Downtown Disney, it was an unexpectedly challenging trip for us because Little T was not patient at the shuttle. He was tired and ready to explore and despite our best efforts, we couldn’t keep him entertained. The shuttle took over 30 minutes to arrive, so it was rough on him. Then it took another 45 minutes to get there. By the time we arrived at Downtown Disney, it was close to Little T’s nap time. We went to Babycakes for vegan goodies, ordered vegan chili from the place next door, then enjoyed some desserts from Babycakes. We got Little T’s pirate costume for the Halloween party, then decided the trip was a bust for Little T. Big T took him back for a nap and the rest of us stayed to look around. We had a nice time wandering around after that, and decided to use a taxi for our trip tonight instead of the shuttle. When he’s older, I think the shuttle should be fine.


Little T took a long nap, and woke up in a much better mood. We had leftover vegan chili for dinner and leftover corn bread from Babycakes. Our decision to take a taxi to the park and use the shuttle on the way back, started the trip on a much better foot. We dressed Little T like a pirate and took him to Mickey’s Halloween Party at the magic kingdom. He had a blast!

The coolest thing about the trip so far has been the magic bands. They’re so easy to use. At the Magic Kingdom, we used them for a special pirate scavenger hunt. We had to find places on the map and use our magic bands to activate them. Little T thought this was the neatest thing ever.





Some of us were better at the scavenger hunt than others. :p


Speaking of Magic Bands, we can use them for dining, getting into our hotel room, fast pass, and purchasing items at the stores. We have a special code to enter when we buy things, so there isn’t the chance of losing it and having it being used by anyone else. They’re also water proof, which makes it a lot easier for adults to buy a glass of wine at the pool (heh heh). Overall, Magic Bands have been pretty magical. I hope they give them to AP’s at Disneyland, it’s so easy.

Other fun things:





When we got back to the hotel, we had a few fun surprised waiting for us. An elephant had gotten a hold of Little T’s paci:


And the family of one of my brides had arranged to leave us a very special gift, full of lots of snacks and goodies! It was the nicest surprise, and we all sat around and tried different goodies from the bag, instead of saving them for the rest of our trip, teehee.


The next morning, we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I was in heaven. I wish I could live there, or at least stay there for maybe a week or two. 😉 The butter beer was amazing, the decor was amazing, and the people and rides were amazing.

Little T didn’t want to take off his pirate hat:



At Harry Potter:



There was a point where I had to leave the group and run to our stroller. As I walked around Hogsmeade, I could hear the Harry Potter music playing and I had this really happy feeling. I just felt like I was in that world. It was heaven for this Harry Potter fan, I hope they do justice in the new park they’re building in California, and maybe expand it to be larger. Or maybe just have an entire park on it’s own! Okay, I’m just getting greedy now, but I don’t think I could ever have enough Harry Potter. 😉 20130922-090353.jpg


Dr. suess area:



We ended the day at the pool in Kidani Village. Little T had the best time. I think it felt good on his little muscles, and he went on the water slide over and over again. We took turns going with him while the others stayed back in the jacuzzi. It really was heaven.


OH! And vegan eatings:

Breakfast: Soy milk and Cereal and Instant Oatmeal for Little T.

Lunch at Harry potter: Baked potatoes

Snacks: Butterbeer, Pumpkin Juice, and Popcorn

Dinner: Burritos from universal, and white rice from Panda Express, but we mixed it with lemon and hummus for Little T. 🙂

Dessert: Vegan Babycake Brownies, which we could find in the lobby of our hotel. A deliciously dangerous discovery!

That’s it! Onto day 5!