Okay, so I’ve been terrible about writing down my menu plans. Things have been crazy busy around here so we’ve been relying on our go-to meals that never require a lot of thought  like baked potatoes, spaghetti, burritos, ect. This week we have a lot of events planned so I’m having to write everything out and I thought I would share. 🙂


  • Oatmeal with bananas, cinnamon, and agave
  • Cereal with Soymilk
  • Dr Oz’s Green Drink (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!) 🙂
  • Burrito bowl (Spanish rice, lettuce, salsa, beans, lettuce) with baked corn chips. (Cut up corn tortillas, brush on fresh lime juice and sprinkle with salt, bake for 10 minutes at 450 degrees)
  • Leftover Pumpkin Ravioli from dinner with friends.
  • Three Bean Salad and bread
  • Chickpea Salad Sandwich (you can tell what ingredients we have a lot of) 😉
  • Spring Rolls from Trader Joe’s

Chickpea Burgers Image by Susan Voison at FatFreeVegan

Dinner: We’re going out a lot this week, so not that many dinner meals
  • Vegan Vegetable Quesadillas (no cheese, just beans, roasted red peppers, brocolli, salsa, and avocado
  •  Herbed Pasta with Broccoli and Peas
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Chickpea Burgers from www.FatFreeVegan.com I can’t wait to try these. BTW, have you noticed we have a lot of chickpeas hanging around here that we’ve got to get rid of?
  • Strawberries
  • Fruit Smoothie
  • Corn Thins with Salsa