We have a town nearby that reminds me of the town from The Gilmore Girls. We spend a lot of time there going to farmer’s markets, family-owned restaurants, and coffee shops. Big T and I dream of retiring there someday. We imagine ourselves rolling hand in hand in our electronic wheelchairs, making our way to their little movie theater.

Today they had their children’s Halloween Parade. Speaking of that, Big T and I had a gigantic communication mix up this morning. I’ve been working on getting my photography business running and taking care of Little T, so it’s been kind of crazy and I’ve been busier than usual. I guess I didn’t explain our schedule very well, and Big T had it in his head that we were going to Disneyland instead of 10 minutes down the street to the town next door. I kept wondering why he was putting so much thought into packing Little T’s lunch, asking if we’d be back in time to go to dinner with his friend, etc. It all made sense when I turned the other way in our car and he asked why we weren’t on our way to Disneyland. It blew our minds, we had completely different ideas in our heads as to how this day was supposed to be. Whoa.

Here was the beginning of the children’s parade. Little T knew something fun was about to happen and we couldn’t stop this kid from wandering towards all the action!

I stayed out of the parade so I could snap pictures of Big T and my little snugglebug. Little T started out walking, but he soon decided that Daddy’s shoulders were much better.

Here’s a few of the other cute costumes:

Even the animals were in the Halloween spirit:

Towards the end of the parade, we stepped out and decided to watch the band behind us. Theo loved the drummers the best. Do you think we may have a future band geek on our hands? I write that lovingly as a from a former band geek. :p

And then the Inland Pacific Ballet came by. I can’t believe it’s almost Nutcracker time.

We finished the day at the Last Drop Cafe. Our favorite coffee shop, and not just because they have Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’ve watched Little T grow up over there.

You see? It really is like an episode of the Gilmore Girls. Much better than an episode of I Love Lucy, which is how my life usually feels. 😉