Okay, so this weeks challenge was a focus on the color white. I thought of a few things I could do with Little T. I.E: ice cream, balloons, confetti, things like that. In the end, I figured the thing Little T would love the most would probably be plain old tissue paper for present wrapping. Boy, was I right. We put the tissue paper all around him and watched as he had a blast. He ripped it, threw it, shouted at it, and then he tried to eat it. That’s when the photo shoot had to end. Β I had this adorable picture of him with a piece of tissue paper in his mouth, looking at me to see if he could get away with eating it. It’s a beautiful photo and the look he’s giving simply melted my heart, but I decided on the one below instead. It captures the essence of Little T. He’s full of life. He’s always letting his little light shine bright. Hence, the inspiration and name for this blog.

Little T, shouting at the tissue paper.

Hope you enjoy, and click out the link below to see the other great pictures that are entered.