I had a lot of potatoes and a lot of energy, so I browsed through the index of The Veggie Queen Cookbook to find something  to do with them. I decided on Jill’s recipe for Curried White and Sweet Potato Pancakes with Fresh Fruit Chutney. I had to make a few modifications. Big T doesn’t like sweet potatoes and we didn’t have any, so I left them out. I also didn’t have the chutney ingredients, so I used a sweet chili sauce instead.

This brought back fond memories of sitting in one of Jill’s classes at the McDougall Clinic. I remember frantically writing down her advice to “leave out the ingredients we didn’t like”. I was a really bad cook back then and you’d think this would be common knowledge, but it was a major epiphany for me.

“What freedom!?!” I thought. “You can just leave out the ingredients you don’t like!” Whhhoaaaaaaa…

Back to cooking~

Big T and Little T loved the way they turned out. Little T ate three potato pancakes  for dinner and two for lunch the next day. I sliced them into little finger sized bites so they would be easy for him to eat.

Yesterday it was hot over here in California. I didn’t want to heat up the house with the stove, so I looked through The Veggie Queen’s pressure cooking e-book. I decided on making the Summer Minestrone Soup. I can give it to Little T myself, or spoon out the thicker vegetables for him to eat with his fingers. I like to squeeze a lime over the soup because I’m a lime-aholic.

Scrumptious! That’s whats been cooking over in our neck of the woods. Happy eating and full bellies to all of you.

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Thank you~Momma J

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