My Dad and Step Mom had Little T’s birthday party at their home in the Central Valley a few weeks ago. Little T always has a great time when he’s around his family and cousins, and it turned out to be a very nice day.

Papa G and Nonnie T took care of the food, while Big T and I were in charge of the decorations. I wanted to throw a themed party, but the decorations were a little last minute because we didn’t have time to organize. I took an early trip to the Dollar Store and grabbed some balloons in Little T’s favorite colors.

Birthday Balloons

I cut out some orange stars to scatter on the table and decorated with some other things I found at the Dollar Store. Big T was impressed at my star making skillz. That’s what happens when you’re a former kindergarten teacher. Do you think I can put star making on my resume?

Big T and I ran out of time to decorate and had to call Aunt D and Uncle T to come and watch Little T while we set up with my Dad and Step Mom. Little T was asleep when everyone arrived for the party. He was really startled when he woke up and was surrounded by people. It’s sooooooo hard to be a baby.

When he woke up, Ro was there to give him a birthday kiss. He said, “Hey, Ro. I’m not old enough for this stuff yet.” Then she told him to get over it and gave him another one.

Speaking of Ro, they were up to all sorts of shenanigans in Papa G and Nonnie T’s playroom. Ro decided this toy was for climbing.

Little T agreed.

After they played for a bit, it was time for the birthday cake. Little T had no idea what was going on with the whole singing and the candle stuff, but when we presented him with a slice of chocolate cake, he decided he was down with the whole thing. He had two slices.

Little T’s favorite thing to do was climb the stairs and his older cousins were there to help him. I love how one of his birthday balloons is stuck to T’s leg in this picture. I also love how he’s wearing less and less clothes as the day went on.

When he was done stair crawling, he practiced walking with Uncle J.

After the party, I slipped into a food coma because Papa G and Nonnie T had a dangerous amount of good food.

Little T decided to come to my rescue, so he sat on my face and brought me to my senses with his stinky diaper.

His plan worked. Thanks baby, Momma knew you’d be there when she needed it.

P.S. Change your diaper, Little T.

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