So here’s the thing, with all the traveling we’ve been doing, Big T and I’ve noticed that Little T has been experiencing what some might call separation anxiety. With our home.

Every time we get back from vacation and walk through the door, we watch as Little T screams in delight and proceeds to crawl ten laps around the kitchen, down the hallway, and through the living room. He shouts with glee at the cats as he passes them by. The cats, of course, return his gaze with disgust. My guess is they were hoping they were finally rid of the dude.

This excitement is a major issue when we return home late at night. Little T gets so worked up, that it’s impossible to get him back to sleep. Last night when we got home at midnight from a trip to my dad’s, I sat in the driveway with the car running while Big T went inside and made Little T’s bottle, said hello to the animals so they wouldn’t be loud, and got Little T’s crib ready. Then we tiptoed with Little T into the bedroom, laid him down to sleep with his bottle, and silently high-fived each other as he drifted into la la land. Success!

Big T went to get the luggage, and I sat there while Little T finished his bottle and made sure he was really asleep. Once I was certain he was dreaming of bottles and banging drums, I started to quietly creep out of the room. Just then, Little T shot up like a bullet with his eyes wide and his arms over his head, and shouted as enthusiastically as he could, in what can only be a tribute to the musician by the same name, “GAGAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!”. So yeah, we couldn’t get him to sleep until 2:00AM.

I think we’ll aim for getting home during the day from now on.