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Big T: Do you have anything you want to do when we’re in San Francisco?

Momma J: (In a casual tone, so as not to create any suspicion) Oh, I don’t know. I was thinking we might take a trip to Oakland.

Big T: Oakland, why do you want to go to Oakland?

Momma J: Errrr….I’ve just always wanted to go there?

Big T: *raises one eyebrow* Okay? Anything else?

Momma J: I’d love to visit Berkeley.

Big T: What? Berkeley is really far out of the way.

Momma J: Trust me. It’s worth the trip.

Big T: Wait a second, are you planning our vacation around food again? You know we’re going to see friends, right?

Momma J: Friends who will need to eat?

Big T: *sigh*


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