We’ve had a lot of changes over here that have made things really busy in our neck of the woods. 

A few of the people who helped me with my business moved on to bigger and better things, which had led me to meet some great people I never would have expected to meet (yay Amanda)! It had made things a little crazy during the transition, but it’s been interesting experiencing the ups and downs of a small business owner. 
Little T graduated preschool. 🙂 I put together the slideshow and watched it a million times, and I STILL cried when they played it for everyone in the auditorium. I feel like these days go by so fast. I wish I could just press the pause button and keep little T little for just a little while longer. He insists that he has to get bigger though, because hello…..basketball, mom! 😉



Little at is starting kindergarten next year, and I had no idea how stressful this was on the parental side of things. I think my big hope is that more than anything, he will love going to school. We met one of the teachers over there and he told me he was nervous to meet her, wasn’t he relieved when she turned out to be exactly what you’d expect a kindergarten teacher to be. Kind and warm and lovable. 🙂 

Other things: 

My two T’s hanging out in Downtown Disney:

Pool time!


Finally being brave enough for a pony ride!  


Does my hair really look like this from the back?


Huntington Gardens 🙂

  Mothers Day Hugs!

  And a Magic Castle adventure. 😉

  And those have been the big things! Wish I had more time to share the sweet little ones. 🙂

Hope you’re all doing well!