The other day, we took Little T to build a bear. He had a really hard time deciding on making a Star Wars Bear or a Basketball Bear, but after a while compromised and decided he would be a basketball bear with a light saber. My mom got him an extra basketball in case he lost one.


At lunch, Little T decided to be creative and make the ultimate toy with his light saber and basketballs…..and he called it his “basketball stick”. He started holding it high in the air and it made the people in the booth next to us laugh. I told him maybe he shouldn’t be playing with this particular creation, and he was really irritated with me for ruining his fun.

After lunch, we went out into downtown Disney. Little T liked the music and decided to dance. I started talking to the person next to me for a minute, and when I turned around, Little T was once again rocking out with his basketball stick. He held it high over his head and danced to the amusement of the people walking by. I took his basketball stick apart and said it may not be the best toy for him to play with.

Anyway, here’s a picture of his basketball stick.


He was pretty mad at me, but I have a feeling that when he’s older, he’ll understand….lol