This was one of those unusually busy weeks, where Big T becomes Mr. Mom while I hop from one event to the next. It was a lot easier this time around, physically and mentally. I think this means it’s starting to become a normal for us to have crazy lives. 😉

Wednesday: Wedding at the Grand that had me genuinely surprised when I turned around and saw everyone had formed a giant pyramid…


Thursday, the family checked into the Grand and back I was back for another wedding. The details were gorgeous and Heather did most of them herself!


Friday: Working for the Mouse!


And taking a quick break at D23 to see my family. Little T had a lightsaber and was determined to take Darth Vader down a notch or two.



My sweet mother in law may not look so sweet in this photo, but she did spend the weekend with us at the Grand to help out. 😉



Even though I had carried two cameras and a heavy back pack all over the place, I was back at 7:00am Saturday morning. I’m not going to lie, I was super excited to be there. :p


I finished around noon and drove to Pasadena for wedding #3! They had a big Band playing and Louise and I felt like we were at a concert, it was magical!


The next day, we took Little T to Disneyland for his birthday. He has now discovered Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and he thinks it is incredible.


I was so exhausted, that when I got home and parked in the driveway, I fell asleep in the car. Big T had to come wake me up and get me. He’s good like that.

The next day, I was back working for the mouse, and on Tuesday I was in Pasadena again for an e-shoot. Today I’m off to Newport. Tomorrow? I sleep.