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I feel like our meals have gotten a little easier, a little lazier. Big T and I both have been working so much, that’s we haven’t had the time to prepare the meals we used to. On days that I work from home, I start to cook dinner around 4:30. I try to have different options for Little T and I don’t pressure him to eat one thing or another. His favorite meal is rice, and would probably have it every meal if he could. Big T makes a lot of brown rice and freezes it in single serving bags for us to pull out and use for meals. Little T likes it the best with avocado, lemon, and a little Braggs Liquid Amino Acids. On days when I’m not home, Big T takes over for dinner.

I’d like to say that I make beautiful salads every night, but to make our life easier, I’ve been using the salad bar at Mothers Market on my way home from Disneyland. I get a lot of salad and chopped veggies dry, and we use it for meals through the next day.

So here’s what we’ve been munching on. Someday, we’ll start making those elaborate vegan meals that have been bookmarked in my cookbooks again….some day…..;)

Pasta, avocado, bread, watermelon, green olives, and salad:


Couscous, vegetable soup, peas, and salad:


Baked tortilla chips, beans and rice, vegetable soup, and veggies:


Couscous, mango, Amy’s brand vegan Mac and cheese, salad, and avocado:


Corn on the cob at the Fair (one of our staple fair foods).


Corn chips, salsa, and fresh squeezed apple juice from Mothers Market:


Deconstructed Home Made Black Bean Burgers with bread, pickles, and ketsup:


We were traveling on this day, so I packed rice, and in a separate container had avocado and half a lemon to squeeze in:



So that’s our not-so-glamorous food routine. Pretty basic, but it works for our little family. (P.S. Little T is in love with that Snow White doll).