Last Friday I was sitting in my chair editing photos and mentally planning out my weekend, when I got an e-mail asking if I’d be the photographer for Save Our Seeker, a super cool group of people that were going to be hosting a photo session with Craig Horner from “Legend of the Seeker” at Wondercon. They asked if I could take photos for an hour on Saturday and Sunday, while people did a meet and greet with Craig.

Being the neurotic over-planner that I am, I got to Wondercon 2 hours early. Big T came to help me carry the equipment, with the idea was that he’d watch Little T while I took photos. We went to lunch because we had time to spare (!!!mistake!!!), and then made our way to Wondercon. I’d never been at the Anaheim Convention Center before, but the place was jam packed. It took us half an hour just to make a turn to get near the front of the convention center. From our car we could see that the parking garages were full and the nearest parking was 2 miles away. My heart sunk as I realized there was no way we could park, carry equipment, manage a baby, and get there on time. We quickly decided to drop off Big T with the heavy equipment while I parked. The traffic was terrible though, and by the time it took us to get to the front of Wondercon, we only had 30 minutes to get to the location, and I still had to register.

In a moment of recklessness and panic, I had Big T drop ME off with 65 pounds of clunky equipment-I know because we weighed it later. I carefully positioned bags and around my shoulders and started the long walk in the rain to the convention. I’m not kidding when I say long, because what had looked like the front of the convention center turned out to be the opposite side of where Wondercon was. My body was aching and the calories on my body bugg were spiking like crazy! It took me about 15-20 minutes to get to where I needed to go, and then I had to walk down the stairs with everything and go from person to person trying to figure out where I needed to get a pass. One kind man with an awesome tattoo finally took pity on me because of all the things I was lugging around, and gave me a pass and said to come earlier next time. Erg.

My friend Cha met me downstairs, and we split divided the equipment and made our way to the photo shoot. Big T never made it to the parking lot because the traffic was too bad, and decided to wait at Downtown Disney with Little T instead.

Once we got to the booth though, everything turned around. The group from Save Our Seeker was awesome, and Craig Horner was one of the sweetest and most genuine guys I’ve ever met, and kept trying to help me set up the photo equipment. He talked about his new pilot that’s coming out on the CW, and chatted and took pictures. He even listened to me go on about Little T (oh man, I’m one of those parents that goes on and on about their kid). :p After the photos were finished, I took my equipment downstairs and called Big T and asked him to come and pick me up. My friend Jackie texted while I was sitting there, and said she was at the convention center too! I immediately begged for her to help me carry my equipment outside, and she said she’d meet me in the lobby by the bar. I looked around wondering where the bar was at the convention center, and it took us a while to realize that we were in two completely different buildings, heh heh. So I gathered up the equipment, and hobbled outside and down the street to search for Big T. A few moments later he came driving up. The way I remember it-there was a beaming light shining down on him and angels singing in the distance as he drove towards me, because I couldn’t have been happier to see him…and his car.

So, the moral of the story? Get a friggin dolley! Sheesh! Oh…and Craig Horner is really nice.