This is soooooo late! But I don’t want to forget the second half of our trip.

By this point, Little T figured out we were going to fun places every day, so he’d spend the morning crawling into his stroller and looking at us impatiently. Big T had to work at the conference, so Little T and I took a trip to the zoo. He was really excited to test out his new animal noises. Whenever we’d see a bear or a lion he’d roar like crazy. I practically ran after him with the stroller the whole time. Kid was on the move!

Little T stared at this fish display for a while. He couldn’t figure out why they weren’t in the water where they were supposed to be:

After the zoo, we met up with Big T and walked over to another vegan food cart for lunch:

This is where I ate the best chocolate peanut butter cup I’ve ever had in my life:

I got a grilled cheese sandwich and Little T had a vegetable sandwich with hummus…well, that was the plan anyway. Little T fell asleep and there was absolutely no way to keep the little guy awake to eat. Talk about running out of steam!

That night we went to a restaurant that was really bad, so I won’t mention it on here except to say that at the end of our meal they wrote a suggested 25% tip? Even this ex-waitress thought that was a little high.

After dinner, we went to the Portland Art Museum.

The next day, Big T didn’t have to work and wanted to see the Children’s Museum himself.

And then we all went to the zoo, where it started….snowing. 0_o Because of this, we stuck to the underground areas.

By this time, we began to realize that Little T was getting pretty sick. He’d had a cough all week but it was getting worse and worse. We decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel to rest.

We ordered some Indian food and spent the rest of the day watching movies.

The next day we had to stay inside again because Little T wasn’t getting any better. It was a sad way to end the vacation, but not much we could do and we had to take care of Little T.

Little T entertained himself by finger painting on steamy windows.

And I think he enjoyed taking a rest, doesn’t he look like a content little guy? Big T and I, on the other hand, were going stir crazy staying in that tiny hotel room!

The next morning we packed up our things and made one more trip to the Sweetpea Baking Company to have lunch and pick things up for the plane trip.


Bagel with vegan cream cheese:

and some (half eaten-teehee) baked goods:

Little T was great on the plane trip! Isn’t this picture of him sweet?

Overall, a great trip! I can see why so many people adore Portland. We came home and our schedules got crazy, so it was nice to have a week of fun before the storm. 🙂 And that’s it! Hope you’re all having a great weekend! I’ve been working as a photographer at Wondercon, I can’t believe how busy this month has been!