Little T is exceptionally skilled at convincing people to give him balloons.

And drumsticks, this was given to him by one of the drummers in a Disney parade after they saw him drumming:

extreme sports-Baby Acrobat edition:

Everyone watching with Little T as he goes through a glass elevator for the first time:

Pretty new shoes:

Little T has finally found a place where he can shout all he wants:

Big T getting a major award. (Christmas Story reference intentional)

My favorite beverage in the whole wide world=Lavender Lemonade:

Brushing Little T’s hair has turned into an active experience that involves me chasing him around the house with a hair pick.

Scott’s “baby”, Miss Molly.

Valentines Day dinner before Fiddler on the Roof. This was made while we wondered why baby tomatoes are always thrown in a salad. The answer? To be used as a nose in food art, obviously. You can’t take us anywhere.

Little T’s lunchbox for his plane trip= Clementine Oranges, Edamame, Kashi Snack Bar, Blueberries, and Organic Bunny Grahams. Not pictured=pasta salad.

Almost ready to go, Angel does not approve of the packing arrangements so far.

That was our week, I hope you all had a great one. 🙂