Two of the couples I’ve photographed have made it into the Disney Wedding Blog finals! If you have a moment, please take a second to vote for Michelle and AJ for Best Proposal, and Wendy and Patrick for Best Floral. Thank you so much!

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In other news, we took Little T to daycare to meet his teacher today. Now I know how parents felt when they came to meet me for the first time (I used to teach kindergarten). I was so anxious on the way to daycare. I remember one of my teaching mentors telling me that parents want someone who is going to love and care their child. Someone who will understand that they have faults, but love them anyway for it. I could relate to that today. I walked up to the daycare center, all the while thinking, “please-please-please let her be someone who will love Little T, even though he has a tendency to shout, loves to get into everything, and believes that everything should be tested out with a drumstick.” While we waited in the office, the receptionist laughed as Little T danced for everyone who walked in the door. He played around the other kids during observation time, but kept running back and saying “Momma” to make sure I was still there. If that doesn’t tear at your heartstrings, I don’t know what will. 😉 I loved the daycare teacher and felt better knowing it’s an environment that fits my style of parenting.

It’s going to be hard not having Little T around me every second of the day, but I have four weddings and five engagements next month, and I’m going to need some time to work. I’m sure he’ll also benefit from having time with other babies. Ugh, it’s still hard. Logically I know it makes sense, but emotionally…