Little T and my Mom have been with me in Santa Rosa for my birthday and other reasons I’ll explain when I’m feeling better, but I hope you’ll excuse me if I write for a second about something that happened to us today. I can’t sleep because it’s on my mind. It’s awful and sad, so if you’re sensitive (like me) you may not want to read.

The thing is, we were leaving Santa Rosa and driving in the middle of the afternoon on a seemingly safe street, when we witnessed a man take his life with a gun. We found out later through the news that he had committed a robbery and was walking around the street waving the gun around. When he was confronted by a police officer, he made the decision to end his life. The car in front of us screeched to a stop, so we were sadly there when everything happened. It was something I never wanted to see in my lifetime. Something that no one should have to see. It happened fast, and we were so shaken up that we didn’t know what to do except drive until we were somewhere safe. But where can it possibly feel safe after experiencing something like that? We made it to my mom’s six hours later and we’re all physically okay, but this experience has shaken our world. I am looking forward to being home tomorrow so I can give Big T a hug and feel like everything is going to be okay.

So friends, I have a few scheduled blog posts coming up (which will explain why I may seem cheerful when I’m feeling anything but cheerful), but I’ll probably be taking a week off blogging while I pull myself together. I know you’ll all understand.

I’m sending out extra hugs into the cyber world tonight~Momma J