Here’s how we spent our New Year’s Eve, having a tasty Top Chef style challenge, I hope you enjoy the photos from our night.

Secret ingredients and quick fire challenge revealed: Make an appetizer with two ingredients that are known around the world to bring good luck on New Year’s Day. Black eyed peas, collard greens, cabbage, raisins, grapes, and champagne.

They drew knives to see who would choose their ingredients first. Scott decided on black eyed peas and currants, and Big T decided on collard greens and champagne. Here’s Scott cooking away:

The winning dish, doesn’t look like much but it was delicious:

The winner had 30 dollars to spend at the grocery store for the next part of our challenge, the loser only had 25. For part two, they had to go to the grocery store and buy ingredients to prepare dinner. They had to incorporate brussels sprouts and grapefruit into the meal.

15 minutes to shop:

Keeping track of time:

A twist! Pick out an ingredient for your competitor to use:

Big T had to leave a grapefruit out because he’d gone over the limit:



Scott made grapefruit risotto with a roasted brussel sprout topping. Big T made pasta with a brussel sprout pesto sauce and a grapefruit salad. Both dinners were sooooo good and disappeared fast, but Scott was the winner in the end. What a delicious evening it was. We definitely need a repeat with some other chef friends involved (I’m looking at you, KD, Sonal, Michelle and Andrew!)