~Willie Nelson

When Big T and I met, one of the biggest things we had in common was that neither of us needed a lot to be happy. We’re thankful to have each other, our little family and our sweet babycakes, a roof over our heads, employment, good food, and enough money to enjoy the occasional family outing.

But one of the biggest things we are thankful for, is our support network of family and friends. How would we ever get by without the people we’ve crossed paths with in our daily lives and on the internet? Our network has been there to celebrate the good, cry with us through the bad, and support us in everything we do. We are so fortunate to know that if anything ever happened, we’d have places to go and people who would help us pick up the pieces. Not everyone has that, and we are grateful that we do.

So, dear friends. This Thanksgiving, we are thinking of you. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Aw, mush. We love you guys.