If you pay our household a visit, you might notice some things are different around here. You see, Little T pulled me aside the other day and said he thought the house needed a few small changes. I want to be supportive of his endeavors, so I replied that the world (or house) is his oyster, and followed him around to document his attempt at interior design.

He took a look at Big T’s movies in the hallway, gave his head a little shake and said it was all wrong. He decided to scatter the movies into more appropriate places so the house would be filled with a little more color.

The washing machine needed the most help:

Now it looks much better:

Next stop was the fridge. The magnets definitely looked a lot better on the INSIDE of the fridge. Why didn’t we think of that? Genius!

After the fridge, we crawled over to the doggy door. Once again, everything looked better on the outside of the house. He threw out a shoe, his bottle, a toy spider, and a toy car. I had to ask though, what happens when it rains?

I guess we’ll have to figure that out later.

Little T decided to stick with the dog theme, and moved over to Piggy’s crate next (she likes to go in there to hide from the cats). He knows how much Piggy loves food, so he dangled a carrot from the top.

After the carrots, Little T made a stop at the dishwasher. He tilted his head to the side and thought to himself for a moment. He finally declared that the dishwasher was fine, just the way it was…but could we wash one of his spoons for him?

The spoon thought this was a great idea…(but seriously, that spoon kind of creeps me out. He’s way too happy).

After that he had one more change to make. I don’t think I can support this one. Sorry, Little T. Even Mommy has her limits.

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Thank you~Momma J

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