Big T and I are having a Midsummer Night’s Dream party in a couple of weeks. I’m in charge of the decorations, so I took Little T to the Dollar Tree yesterday to see what I could find.

Dollar Store Goblets

I was really excited about these goblets. In any other setting, they’d probably look overdone, but I think they’re perfect for a fairy party. I thought for a while about how they’d be used best, and eventually decided on having them at the entrance to our party. The plan is to hand them to guests as they enter. I’m going to label the goblets with a tag that says “love potion”, with maybe a quote about love potions from “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. When I got home, I started playing with the platter they’re going to be served on.

Love Potion Tray=Take 1

I put fake rose petals on the tray and thought it looked nice. I’m going to try and find some dry ice so there can be smoke coming around the tray to make it look a little more magical. But then I thought it should smell nice too, so I picked some mint from our garden and scattered it around the tray.

Tray with Mint

It smells and looks amazing! I think it will be the perfect way to set the atmosphere for our event. At first I thought we’d make bellinis for the goblets, but I’m worried about them sitting outside. Michelle suggested champagne with a raspberry or blackberry on top. So, that’s where we are. It’s definitely coming along.