Library Time!

Miss. Piggy had me pick up a book for her at the library.

Miss. Piggy made her way into our lives a year ago. One day I was out in the front yard, when two chihuahua’s came walking by. I assumed they belonged to someone and didn’t want them to be hit by a car, so I put them in the yard and went looking for their owners. Actually, I bought two leashes and figured they would lead me to their owners, but instead they gave me a tour of the neighborhood.

I went door to door, but our neighbors on our block didn’t know us very well at the time, and they didn’t speak a lot of English. Most of them thought we were introducing our new dogs to them. They’d make a hand signal to wait, while they went and got their family members to show them our new chihuahuas.

We put up fliers, registered at the SPCA, and put up signs at the local pet stores before we decided they’d probably been abandoned. Miss Piggy looked like she’d just had puppies, so I assume she’d been used for breeding. We tried to take them to a No Kill Shelter, but they were filled with chihuahuas and couldn’t take anymore.

After months, we were able to find a stable home for one of our dogs with a friend, whom we fondly named “Officer Dangle”. We’d found a home for Miss. Piggy too, but it turned out they wanted a baby chihuahua and said they were going to give her to a neighbor down the street instead of keeping her. We didn’t want her to be passed around from house to house. She was a sweet dog and deserved a stable home, so we decided to take her back and let her stay with us.