Its been a busy summer over here, and the older I get the faster it seems to fly by. 🙂 Here’s a quick summary of our summer adventures!

Little T graduated Preschool! We loved his preschool and teachers so much, we weren’t ready for him to go! We’re going to miss them all over there. 🙂 I had to smile because little T picked out the decals for his graduation sash, and he insisted on covering it with American Flags and basketballs. You’re an all American kid, Little T!

After graduation, we had a mini vacation at the Disneyland hotel, I was staying there for work and usually the two T’a are the only ones who get to enjoy the hotel pool, but I made sure to find time to have some play time with my little guy. 🙂

Little T and his cousin R had a big two-week summer trip to their grandparents where they took swimming lessons and pretty much got spoiled rotten. I missed him terribly, but Little T on the other hand was making arrangements to move in. 😉

One of the great things about this summer, was that Little T began spending time with his daycare friends. He’s so sweet, his mind was blown the first time he saw his friends outside of daycare!

Although I’m not sure who is having more fun, Little T or Big T.

We also had our big family trip to Cayucos. This year was great because Little T was able to spend time with both sets of grandparents, since Big T’s family has moved out there it was a Grandparentpalooza!

After Cayucus, I went on a mini adventure for work to San Francisco, and I totally survived! I got to photograph a private event with Chef Morimoto, who was so nice and fun, and also an excellent singer. Who knew?

I think I’ve reached my blog photo limit, so part two of summer will be coming up next. 🙂