It has come to my attention, that a few of our friends and family are irritated with my lack of updates on the family blog (you know who you are). You have to excuse me, things have been full speed ahead over here. My days begin at 4-5am and I work until it’s time to get Little T to daycare, then I work some more until it’s time to pick him up, and then I work some more until he wakes up from his nap. Then it’s Little T time until bedtime. Honestly, it would be easier to have him in full time daycare and not wake up at 4am, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Those long days are tough on him and I like having more time with Little T!

On mommyhood: I can’t believe how much love you can have for one little person. He’s at such a fun and sweet age! I wish I could freeze it in time and that we could just stay here for a little longer. It goes by too fast! I know that everyone always says this, but I don’t think it really hits you until you’re a parent and you watch your child grow right before you eyes, feeling like it was only yesterday that you were carrying them around in a baby bjorn.

Here are a few things I don’t ever want to forget:

1) Little T loves to watch Little Bear. I think it’s so sweet that this is his favorite show. Sometimes he asks if Little Bear will ever come over and play with him, I think they’d be perfect playmates. 🙂

2) Little T loves to cuddle, and I hope he never grows out of it. I love how he still reaches out to hold my hand.

3) Everyone is his friend. I love how he’s a leader at his daycare, creating games and activities for the group, and making sure the new kids in the class feel welcome.

4) He still loves basketball, pirates, and cowboys.

5) If he could, he would spend every day of his life at Disneyland.

6) His favorite things to eat are rice, peas, rice, and rice.

7) He loves the color red…and sometimes blue, but mostly red.

8) His favorite thing to do is listen to me tell stories. The other day he asked me to tell him a scary story. I started out by saying in a spooky voice, “Once upon a time, there was a little boy who wanted to listen to a scarryyyyyyy story, so his momma told him one and scared him so much that he screamed, the end!” Then I had to tell this story about ten more times. He may be my biggest fan. :p

Here’s a few snippets from our adventures…please excuse the iPhone pics, when I’m out I like to be present and not thinking like a photographer, it’s so much easier for me to grab my iPhone and capture a moment and then go right back to enjoying time with my two T’s. 🙂

Brutus the cat, cuddling with some photo shoot leftovers (to make a long story short, Brutus was a neighborhood stray who found our doggy door and decided to live with us one day):


Poor little T, not feeling well. In the rare day when he’s sick, we pull his bed out into the living room and have a sleepy movie day. Brutus likes to snuggle with him. 🙂


Having our annual family girls day at Disneyland, and spending it dressed as Minnie’s! Sometimes I try to look sassy, mostly it doesn’t work. heh heh


Farmers market and veggie shopping!


A few of my photos were in People Magazine Online and People Magazine! So exciting. 🙂 My two T’s took me out to dinner at Viva Madrid to celebrate! I feel like I should have found out about the People Magazine spread in a glamorous restaurant while I was sipping a nice glass of wine, but instead, I think I was in my pajamas surrounded by too many animals.


Bike rides and neighborhood chalk art. :p


Apple picking and good times at Riley’s Farm


Mickeys Halloween party with R, ending with a long and tired escalator ride.



Little T asked me to take him dancing because he wanted to dance with someone “fancy”, so I took him to the Mad Tea Party, this is the outfit he wore. :p He danced his heart out with a little girl dressed as Elsa, of course.


He loves those red cowboy boots so much. It’s all he wanted for his birthday and he wears them as much as he can. And here he is again browsing through a local toy shop. 🙂 He’s just starting to be curious about superheroes. He’s never seen anything spiderman or batman, but hears about it at daycare a lot. I have a feeling next year he’ll want to be a superhero for Halloween. 🙂


And actual Halloween! Little T wanted to be a pirate again. Not a cowboy, because that’s not a costume. :p He decided he would hold a carrot, because nothing says frightening like a pirate with a carrot in his hand!


For Trick or Treating, we went to my sisters house and had a great time with their family. Little T had the best trick or treating year yet. Usually it’s overwhelming with all the trick or treaters, but it was pretty quiet this year and that made it easier on his SPD.


Here’s Nana, it took us a while to realize she was in a costume…I kid, I kid….


And perhaps the saddest picture of the night, was a photo if me on a toy horse in a not-so-great costume and a cocktail in my hand. :p Hey, it was a long day!


Last week we got to see a sneak peek of Big Hero Six, and had a great time!


Then we celebrated J’s engagement at the ESPN zone, because we figured we could “talk weddings” while Little T had fun playing basketball. 🙂 He loved seeing the wo’s and mo’s again.


Little T and I went on a dinner date when Big T wasn’t feeling well, and Little T snickered about how I ordered him soy ice cream. Apparently, Big T wouldn’t have approved, and this deviation from the rules pleased him. :p


And all of us together at Disneyland. Little T would spend every day of his life there, if he could. Please excuse Little T’s headphones and pacifier, the headphones help his sensory processing on the Disneyland rides, and same with the pacifier, although with the help of occupational therapy we have reduced the pacifier and have been looking for other things to help instead. 🙂



And that’s some of what we’ve been up to! Thanks for asking! I’m going to try to post here more often, but no promises until after the busy wedding season is over, ack! 🙂 Love you guys!