Sometimes I have a glimpse of myself as an almost “cool” like person. I was having one of those moments yesterday. I’d come home from a fun trip to the beach that included a limo ride and wine tasting, and was about to head off to a family event, which was going to be followed by a photo shoot near the Griffith Observatory. I was doing laundry and thinking about what a nice week I’d had and what I would wear for the day, when I realized I hadn’t gone over our family schedule for the next week. In a rash decision, I decided to do housework and go over the schedule with everyone at the same time (multi-tasking-win!), and without thinking I ran out the front door with a handful of underwear. Little T was in the front yard on his bike with a Darth Vader mask on, of course. I waved my underwear filled hand in the air to get their attention and started shouting, “family meeting, family meeting”!!! As I was shouting, a neighbor walked by and looked at miniature Darth Vader on his bicycle, and my shouting self with a handful of panties. It looked kind of like this:


So, I think I’ll just accept that I’m not ever going to be that cool mom. I’m going to be the mom that runs around with underwear in her hand and shouts dorky things about family meetings to her children. Little T, on the other hand, totally rocked that Darth Vader mask. I think there is hope for him.