As much as I love my home, I do love traveling to visit my family in Fresno. Before I leave, I always stock up on a few things that I just can’t seem find anywhere else. It’s an added bonus to a fun trip.

1) Jasmine Tea from Teazers World Market.

I buy Jasmine tea in bulk here. I’ve tried finding it other places, but for some reason Teazers has that magic touch.


2. Bobby Salazars Salsa:

This salsa is so amazing. I hope that someday they branch out and start selling it in my local grocery store.


3. Fresh bread from Charlottes Bakery:

Sometimes they make garlic bread, sometimes jalapeño, other times ill just go for white or wheat. I always bring home a loaf or two.


And the last thing, is my stepdads soup or chili. He always makes extra and sends us home with a container or two. I realize you can’t purchase this from a store, but maybe if you ask him nicely, he’ll make you some too. ;p