Do you remember when M and I adopted that cat from the SPCA who was pregnant and had a kitten? The kitten is all grown up now…kind of. I say “kind of” because M’s cat, (who we affectionately call Flower-even though Tiger would have been a more appropriate name) absolutely loves to walk around with a pacifier in her mouth. It’s the funniest thing. Of course, we only buy Flower pink pacifiers so there is no confusion between her paci’s and Little T’s (Little T knows the difference between the paci’s and who they belong to). We also let everyone know that if they see a pacifier on the ground, it’s not Little T’s and belongs to the cat. Anyway, I finally snapped a picture of Flower walking around with her paci the other day. M may not be living with us for much longer, so I wanted to make sure to document it before they move to bigger and better places. 🙂

Cat with Pacifier