The past two weddings I edited had some very touching father daughter moments, and it made me think of my own “dad moment” at my wedding ceremony.

My poor dad, is used to me and my quirky “untraditional” ways, but he is the kind of guy who believes in ceremonies, and so it took a lot of convincing when I explained what we’d envisioned for our day. My Dad had really wanted to walk me down the aisle, but my wedding didn’t have an aisle to walk down and Big T and I didn’t want a formal event. Instead, we asked my dad to read my favorite Beatles song during the ceremony, “In My Life”. My Dad, who has a great voice and used to sing at weddings with my mom, surprised us and sang instead. Hearing my dad sing such a special song for me, was the best gift he could have given me on my wedding day. When I think back to that day, it’s always one of the first things I remember.

Here I am, crying away, photo taken by Beverly Hills Photography: