A trip to Disneyland is exciting, but add in a few cousins and it was almost too awesome to handle. 🙂 At the end of the day, we talked about what our favorite rides were. R decided she loved Jungle Cruise, Little T said Pirates (was there ever any doubt?), both of us moms liked Small World Holiday, and Big T liked the Jungle Cruise.


Little T was going through a mommy phase UNTIL he saw Big T play football and win their league championship. Now Big T is a god in his eyes.


We had the trendsetter awards for the association of bridal consultants. I didn’t win best photo, but I’d like to think my photo did help Disney win for best Momento. 😉 Fairytale Hair and Makeup made me look presentable. I loved my hair so much, that I couldn’t stop looking at myself. Teehee


And isn’t Little T beginning to look so grown up? What a cute little man he is, I can’t believe how much he has grown. It goes by way too fast. His favorite thing to do right now is give people high fives, go on Pirates of the Caribbean, play basketball, and shout “I DID IT” whenever he is able to do something by himself.