It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life~Bilbo Baggins

Every year we go to June Lake to celebrate the day we learned about Little T. It’s a special trip for our little family.

The start of our trip this year was rocky, because Little T had a bad fever. The night before we left we made a trip to urgent care to make sure it was okay to bring him up to high altitude. We were debating cancelling the trip or going up later, but the doctor said it was fine to take him, and the fever actually made the six hour car ride pretty mellow with Little T getting a chance to rest. I spent the first two days of our trip in the cabin working and taking care of Little T while he slept. Thankfully, his fever finally broke yesterday and he was able to walk around, so we walked over to the river to take some photos while the sun was setting.

You can tell he’s still feeling out of it, poor little guy.