Remember my foot injury? I went back to the doctor yesterday and apparently it’s worse than we originally thought. I damaged the tibial nerve in my foot and have tarsal tunnel syndrome, and can’t walk on my foot for a while. There’s no good time for something like this, but if it’s going to happen-this was the best time for it. My mom is off for the summer and can help with Little T, and I don’t start up again with weddings for seven weeks. The doctor is giving me a knee scooter so I can still work and get around, but it will be so much easier to do a wedding if I can walk without the knee scooter.

While we wait for the scooter, I’m getting around on a roller chair because it’s easier than the crutches. Little T thought this was hilarious, and decided to run and push me down the hallway into a door. Oh man, this summer is going to be awesome. I’ve turned into his favorite toy.

I started browsing for wheelchair workouts so I can still be a little active during the next six weeks. I think I found what I’m looking for: