Let’s be real here, I’m still sad, sad, sad about Angel. It made it worse that my foot was injured because I had to sit at home and be reminded over and over again that she isn’t here anymore. Her ashes came and that made it hard too. Even though it’s been hard, there have been good things.

  • Big T got me flowers for Mother’s Day and made me some vegan crepes with bananas and chocolate sauce, and that made me happy.
  • Little T came running out of the room giggling with my bra on, and that made me laugh, the little stinker.
  • We were told that Little T is doing really well with his hypertonia.
  • My foot healed a lot faster than anyone thought it would.
  • I’ve met lots of kindred spirits in the past month through photography.
  • I have fun shoots coming up that I’m really excited about.

Once my foot started to heal, I took Little T to Disneyland because I just wanted to be out and around other people and not at home. We had to take things slow because of my foot, but we had a great time. Little T even drove Autopia for the first time and clapped at the end. I wish I had happier posts to write about, but I know I’ll eventually get back to feeling like myself again. One day at a time, right?