Big T casually mentioned the other day that he was taking Little T for a haircut. I turned around and said, “WHAT!?!?!? You can’t just go and get his first hair cut! I need to take a picture, I have to call the Grandma’s, I have to figure out the hairstyle!” Sheesh.

I’d originally wanted to have Little T’s hair braided like Jaden Smith in the Karate Kid:

Miss Lou even said she knew someone who could braid it for us. Then she came back and said her family refused to braid his hair because he was a boy and braiding is for girls. So that was nixed and we’re cutting it all off instead.

Before Miss Lou came along, I took Little T to a hair stylist and asked how to take care of his hair. She said to come back in a year when it’s longer and she’d cut it. Then I had to explain that I knew nothing about taking care of his hair and that I needed to know what products and things to buy and how to brush it out. I felt ridiculous, but she was really nice and went through everything for me.

His hair is really curly and long. You’d be shocked if you saw us brush it out and could see how long it actually is. Every night Big T conditions Little T’s hair with avocado oil and brushes it out from the ends down. We turn on Baby Einstein so Little T can zone out while we’re brushing. We also rub coconut oil on his skin. When Miss Lou comes, she’ll recondition his hair for us. Big T and I are honest about where our strengths lie, and hair care isn’t one of them. We’re glad to have her help. Miss Lou gave us the name of a hair stylist and it looks like we’ll be taking a trip to the barbershop soon. I’m going to miss his curly hair! It’s going to be cooler for the summer though, and much easier to take care of.

So, I’ve given up my dreams of Jaden Smith hair. We’ll have to settle for Will Smith hair instead.