Agh, I’m sorry I’ve been gone. I didn’t want to depress you all with my cat. Even though it’s been hard, there have been good moments that I thought I’d share:

Little T’s decided to skip bike riding and go straight to car driving:

On an early morning adventure:

I love how Little T colors with such gusto and intensity.

Playing trains with Grandma K:

Hard at work:

I went to visit Little T’s Godmomma at work, and discovered her and Traci had posted pics of Little T on their door. :p

By the end of the night, the photobooth guy was like….you guys again? teehee

Little T…or the Statue of Liberty?

My little nephew. 🙂

Fountains have the ability to entertain Little T for five minutes. I’ll take it.

Enjoying time with Miss Angel kitty: