My blog was nominated over at Circle of Mom’s for the top ten adoption blogs. If you have a moment, click the link and give me a quick vote. It only takes a second, I promise! You can vote once a day if you like. Thank you so much.

Thanks everyone who voted, but circle of Moms sent me this e-mail this afternoon:


After serious consideration, we have decided to cancel our Adoption Blogs by Moms – 2012 contest. Our Top 25 program is meant to celebrate, connect, and support mom bloggers. Following some feedback from participants in our 2011 contest, we decided to make this year’s Top 25 more inclusive. In doing so, we unknowingly stepped into a very sensitive issue and debate, and we apologize to all the moms who have been offended, no matter what your position on adoption is. We’re committed to finding a way to give all parties in the Adoption Triad a voice on Circle of Moms. If we run a Top 25 Adoption Blogs in the future, we’ll consult with mom bloggers in each part of the Adoption Triad on how to create a supportive contest where all bloggers would feel welcome and respected by Circle of Moms and by all participants. We appreciate the time and energy every participant put into this contest during the past week, and we sincerely regret that we can’t reward those efforts in the way we had planned to when we launched the contest. 

We will be closing the contest at 3pm PST today and all blogs will be removed from the contest page.

The Circle of Moms Team


In sadder news, I’m taking the day off so I can give my full and uninterrupted attention to my cat. Big T is watching Little T, and I’m hanging out in my room and showering her with tuna, catnip, and anything else her kitty heart desires. She is sitting next to my feet right now, my poor baby. I just can’t imagine her not being here anymore. Ugh, this day…it’s awful. Please keep us in your thoughts, it’s been a tough week around here.