Tuesday, I photographed Jeff Murray.

Wednesday, I had an all day engagement shoot for Disney’s One More Day:

Friday, I photographed a group of girlfriends for some fun vintage inspired photos in the park:

*side note: they were filming Modern Family on this day and we got to watch for a bit. I love that show!

Saturday, I had a wedding!

And Sunday, I had an editorial shoot:

It has been a _crazy_ week, and my body is physically exhausted. The hardest thing has been finding help with Little T. This is one of those weeks where I really felt how hard it can be to parent. Big T and I scrambled to find sitters for Little T while I worked. It’s hard because there just aren’t a lot of options for us that we can afford. Not to mention, it’s rough having my baby gone from my side. I miss him so much when I’m working, but I’m sure it’s a good break for both of us. But we figured it all out and I’m proud of Big T and our little family. We had a few snags, but we survived!