Today we were at the Children’s Museum in the train room. The train room turned out to be pretty intense, with lots of little 3-5 year old train enthusiasts hanging around. One little boy (I’ll call him Freddie) was playing with the trains and Little T got a little too close and Freddie turned and shouted, “PLEASE DONT PUSH ME!” The mom said he did a great job using his words, and Freddie did! He may have shouted, but those sorts of things are hard for a toddler to articulate and I’m glad he’s learning to voice how he feels instead of pushing or hitting. Another little boy moved over to Freddie and grabbed one of his trains, and Freddie started crying in frustration and his mom encouraged him to ask for his train back. With all of his strength, Freddie shouted through his tears with his fists clenched, “PLEASE GIVE ME MY TRAIN BACK!” The little boy didn’t give Freddie his train back, which made Freddie cry. The mother then picked Freddie up and took him to another room to give him a break.

What made me sad, was another mom in the room who looked at me and rolled her eyes when they left. I smiled and said, “sharing can be so tough for kids this age.” The mom agreed and changed her tone. Parenting is tough, and I truly believe that us mom’s have got to stick together. The truth is, sometimes I feel like a completely inadequate mom. Today I was juggling a tired Little T, while I struggled to find change for the metro in my purse, and dropped nearly everything on the ground. It’s so easy for me to think about how I should be more organized, how I should teach my 18 month son to stay nearby or hold my hand so I don’t have to hold him when I’m looking for something, and how I’m probably getting the stink eye from people who are wondering why I don’t have my mommy act together. But I can’t be perfect and make perfect decisions all the time, because then I’d scare people away with my perfect decision making super powers. 😉

We’re all doing the best we can, and every child is unique. Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but I hate it when people judge others, especially when they’re trying so hard. So please, if you see a mom having a hard time, give her a smile of encouragement. I live for these smiles when I’m having a tough mommy moment. That mom in the train room probably really needed a smile instead of an eye roll.

But anyway, excuse my rant…we really had a great time at the Children’s Museum today. If it weren’t for his nap, we would have stayed there for hours!