I told you my schedule was about to get busy, right? Well, last weekend was the start of it all, and it was soooo much fun!

I started out my weekend with an engagement shoot at Cal Poly with Ashley and Chris. If you think you’ve seen Ashley before, it’s because she’s an actress who has worked as an extra on a few popular television shows. It was fun getting to work with her, in fact…I didn’t really feel like I was working. I just had to watch them be cute together and snap away. 🙂

Towards the end of our shoot it began to rain. Fortunately, Cal Poly had a beautiful hallway (used in the movie Gattaca), that we were able to duck into.

On Sunday, I got to meet Rosanna and Steven. It was the first time we met in person and our shoot began with a great big hug. Always a fun way to begin. Steven and Rosanna met at my house ahead of time so Rosanna could have her hair and makeup done by Jenna Murray. We had bagels and chatted while our dogs played together in our living room.

Hair and makeup by Jenna Murray.

Steven works in the film industry and they’re both huge movie buffs, so I’d arranged for them to have their photos taken at the Laemmle Claremont 5 Theatre in Downtown Claremont.

It. Was. Awesome.

My better half, Trevor Henderson, set up the lighting while Jenna kept Rosie’s hair and makeup looking perfect. Here’s a sneak peak of a few pictures, I can’t wait to share the rest with you!


and we finished our shoot at The Last Drop Cafe…where we may or may not have snuck in some time for a Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip cookie. Heh heh, I hope my trainer doesn’t read that.

After our shoot, we went back to my home to see what trouble our dogs had been up to, and we wound up talking for another hour or two. I’m really looking forward to their wedding, I know it’s going to be as beautiful as they are.

That was my weekend, I hope you all had a great one!