Helping out backstage for a beautiful Disney Wedding in the Animation Building:

Leaving ransom notes in exchange for my all time favorite vegan cookies from The Last Drop Cafe ;):

The moment where you think, “do I help him out??? Or do I let this play out for a few seconds more while I take a picture?” mwaha

Speaking of Little T, he loves to copy me lately. His favorite mommy thing to do right now is throw on a scarf and pretend to take Miss Piggy on a walk.

He’s also training to be a news reporter, didn’t you know?

Meeting with some beautiful girls about a bridal portrait shoot:

Every once in a while, we drive by Mother’s Market. It’s a good thing this is rare, because vegan junk food is inevitable when we make this stop:

*pictured below* Tofurky Frozen Pizza, Vegan Cookie Dough, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Coconut Yogurt, Oatmeal Cookies for our DL trip this week, and fake mac and cheese (we throw in some green peas and make this for Little T when we’re in a pinch).

To even out the junkiness, we also shared some yummy beet juice. Note to parents: beet juice makes for a very interesting diaper change.

And my *zomgsquee* thing of the week! One of my fancy new camera lenses arrived, with it’s beautiful red ring and everything!

Unfortunately, this moment was short lived, because it was followed by Little T grabbing my 50mm lens and smashing it onto the floor. The good thing is that of all my lenses, he smashed the cheapest. The bad news: it was my favorite lenssssss. Gah!

But what can you do? He didn’t know what he was doing. It was a good lesson to learn that we need to make sure we keep our camera equipment away from sweet Little T. 🙂

And that was my week, I hope you had a great one!