Have I talked about Miss Lou before? She’s a friend of ours who has been helping out with babysitting every once in a while. She’s also our consult on black hair care, which is something that has proven to be challenging for Big T and I. She’s awesome because she’s going to be taking Little T to some events during black history month, and took him to the library and park today. Little T adores Miss Lou and her grandson, and has been known to cry when she leaves the house.

While they were at the park, I guess Little T saw someone from a distance that looked like me. He ran up to this woman with a huge smile on his face, and started shouting, “Momma, Momma!” When he got to her and realized it wasn’t me, he threw himself onto the floor and started crying. Miss Lou told the woman that she looks like Little T’s Momma and then scooped up Little T and walked away. She was laughing so hard when she told me this story, because I guess the woman looked completely confused as to how this black baby with this black woman, could have a mother that was white with red hair. 😉