Last night was one of those nights. You know, the-my cranky baby won’t stop crying and I’ve tried everything, including marching around the living room with a cardboard tube as a baton to make him happy-kind of nights. It was time for drastic measures, so we brought out the dollar pack of glow sticks that we’d stored away in case of a baby boredom emergency. Big T had suggested buying them a while back for a weekend trip. We could only pack a few toys, and they were the perfect size for our travel bag. We never used them, but they came in handy last night.

We made the glow sticks into bracelets for Little T, along with hats and necklaces. Little T loved them and wore the glow sticks on his feet and waved them in the air. This led to us waving them in the air, which led to us grabbing the camera to get fun glow-stick pictures.

At first we just waved them around:

But then we got fancy:

We’re out of glow sticks now, so I guess it was a one time thing. Maybe they’ll pop up in the dollar bin at Target again someday.