I don’t have tons of Christmas pictures because sometimes it’s nice to put down the camera and enjoy a glass of wine along with everyone’s company. But I will say, this Christmas was unexpectedly delightful. Unexpected, because I’ve been feeling emotional and tired lately. For one thing, Little T has a stuffy nose and he’s always very clingy when he’s not feeling well. Clingy as in: nobody can hold him except for mommy. I love that I can give him that comfort, but it does wear me out a bit. To add to that, I had to spend a lot of time on the computer. I always feel a little out of it when I’m on the computer for too long, so it was a hard stretch of work. I’ve also taken a nose dive health wise. I haven’t been eating well _at all_, and I feel really worn out because of it. I’m extremely sensitive to food and when I don’t eat right, I feel it X10. Not to mention, my neck and back are flared up from holding a heavy Little T (I injured it ages ago when I worked at Disneyland, and every once in a while it will get thrown out of whack again.) Anyway, because of all those things, I’ve been feeling out of sorts (physically and mentally) and a little down, but seeing everyone at Christmas turned out to be just what I needed.

The night before Christmas Eve, my family came over to spend the night. Little T was ecstatic when my nephews showed up at the house, walking around while shouting and pumping his arms in the air. It was pretty funny. After Little T went to bed, we watched “Rise of the Apes” and ate popcorn and Christmas cookies.

On Christmas Eve, the rest of the gang showed up. Big T made vegan crepes and we loaded them with chocolate, powdered sugar, and fruit. After that, my younger brother spent the morning using Photoshop to morph us into characters from The Office.

Apparently, geekiness runs in the family.

Later we opened gifts. Little T got a baseball kit and bongos that he banged for approximately 30 minutes before he broke them. He is very intense when it comes to drumming, silly Little T. :p

We played baseball for a while before heading over to my Aunt’s house for the extended family Christmas. When we got to my Aunt’s, we were bombarded by babies. There were seven babies total with two more on the way, so it was a babypalooza over there. Needless to say, we had lots of fun baby watching.

Little T was having too much fun, he even started to photobomb us. I hope he doesn’t teach that to all the other babies:

Around six, we drove four hours with my mom and step dad to get home and had Christmas Eve night at our house. We woke up early the next day and brought Little T out to the living room, expecting him to be excited about the Christmas Tree, presents, and stockings. He was excited for two seconds, and then he saw M’s Guitar Hero drum set that he loves and started to bang on the drums again. We had a great morning, and Little T was feeling so much better and we actually were able to sleep the night before because of this. Yay!

After Christmas morning, we went over to Big T’s grandparents house and spent the day with his family. We had Christmas Crepes again, ate lots of cookies, opened gifts (I got a huge gnome for my collection-teehee) and enjoyed each others company. Overall, it was a good week.