Do you ever have bad dreams about your kids? Last night I had a dream that was really upsetting. I was in the middle of a war zone and a group of us had found a place to hide. Our hiding place was safe because we could see outside but nobody could see in. I was trying to save as many people as I could and bring them into our hiding place. It was tricky because there was a road in front of us where the enemy was constantly driving back and forth and I had to be extremely careful. Some people I’d save, and some people I couldn’t get to in time and they didn’t make it. All of this caution was thrown out the window when Little T appeared across the road. He was all alone and lost and scared and crying. I panicked and had this overwhelming feeling of pain because I couldn’t protect him. Without thinking or looking to see if there was anyone dangerous around, I panicked and threw open the door and ran across the street to get him.

That’s when my phone went off in real life and woke me up. I turned my phone to silent, and went and got Little T from his crib and held him tight.