~by Little T

1. Baby Rattle Toy

We’ve had this IPhone App for Little T since he was 3 months old, and it’s still a favorite. When you shake your phone it rattles. When you touch the screen an animal appears. When you touch the star it plays music and changes colors. Even the clumsiest of baby fingers can get this app working.

2. Talking Lila the Fairy

I don’t know what it is about this fairy, but she is magical enough to stop crying toddlers in their tracks and put them in some sort of fairy trance. Once we had to listen to her singing in the car for an entire hour because it was the only thing that would calm Little T.

3. Peekaboo Barn

This app is a fun one. The barn shakes and makes animal noises, and when you tap the barn it reveals what animal is inside.

4. Count the Animals

This is a beautiful app with fun music. At first, Little T was content watching us click on the animals. Now he’s figured out how to do it on his own. It costs more than most apps, but you can see why once you get a glimpse of the images.

5. The Nutcracker Musical Storybook

This is Little T’s favorite app at the moment. Stunning images, lovely music, a classic story, what more can you ask for in an app? He watches it over, and over, and over, and over….well you get the idea.

6. PhoneforKids

This app is free. It also has everything you need to let your toddler feel like he’s really playing with your iphone. They can text with this app, use a calculator, make phone calls, and lots more. Did I mention it’s free?

7. Baby Einstein

This app gets a lot of bad reviews because you have to purchase 15 minute baby einstein videos for .99 cents each. I have to tell you though, those 99 cents have saved us big time during doctor visits, long car rides, and many other times where Little T needed to sit and wait for longer than a little baby can handle. We also took pictures of our family members and use them in the “make your own flashcards” section. This is included in the original app price, and Little T loves to go through and look at pictures of family members.

8. Laugh and Learn Count the Animals

Another free app with cute animals that make animal noises and sing songs.

9. SpongeBob Tickler

You get to tickle Sponge Bob and watch him dance, which Little T loves to do. We have the lite version of this and that was free. We haven’t upgraded to the full version because the lite version is lots of fun.

10. The Muppets Animal Drummer App

Little T can not for the life of him do anything but bang random drums on this iphone app. Animal hangs his head in shame, but Little T doesn’t know that. 😉