When Little T:

  1. Called all the animals at the zoo “doggies”.
  2. Tried to sneak behind the baby gate and when he was caught red-handed, he looked at me and said, “uh oh….”
  3. Carries a drum stick around like a security blanket.
  4. Goes over to the cat water bowl so he can shout, “NO!” Because he knows he isn’t supposed to touch it.
  5. When he comes walking back from the cat bowl after shouting, with a huge grin on his face while we all clap-because he loves the attention he gets from making the right choice.
  6. When he enthusiastically spits and sputters all over the place, because that’s his favorite part of brushing his teeth.
  7. How attached he became to a random giant plastic deer at Michael’s Craft Store, to the point where every time I’d try to put it back he’d lose it.
  8. How he will grab my hand and remove it from the computer if I dare to use it instead of play with him. 😉
  9. The way he decided during daddy’s football practice, that his little toy football wasn’t good enough and he absolutely needed a real football.  Even though the football was way too big for him.
  10. Escapes before bath time and gleefully runs around the house naked. Heh heh.

But most of all, I don’t want to forget that sleepy smile he has on his face, when he walks into the living room after Dada wakes him up and he sees me for the first time in the morning. It’s always a sweet way to start the day.