I go shopping once every 928374897248932748327 years. I’ve had to go a little more lately because I’m running out of clothes (they’re falling apart, that’s how old they are). I had to go yesterday because I have a big photography event coming up and I want to make a good impression. None of my own business clothes fit anymore (teehee), and so I needed to find something that was classy, professional, but sort of stylish and chic….all wrapped into one outfit. Erg, so overwhelming for the person who has had the same wardrobe since 1887.

I felt like Goldilocks and the Three Bears as I  tried different things on.

This one was too matronly:

This one was too fancy:

But this one was just right:

It got the stamp of approval from five different people who I’d been texting photos to. Iphones are great. You don’t have to drag friends along on shopping trips, instead you can text them pictures until your little fingers are sore.

That’s what I’ve been up to over here. I have an event that I’m volunteering to photograph with Disney. It could be a wonderful way to help get my photography business up and running. I’ve been waking up at five every morning so I have a few hours to work while Little T is sleeping, and spending all of his naps working too. Our house is a disaster zone, but hopefully the mess and crazy schedule will pay off in the end. Cross your fingers for me.